Sinux Indoor Navigation

Latest project of Sinux systems. Indoor Navigation. Navigates users via smartphone inside buildings

Tested environments
  • Where is my takeoff (gate / confusing airport situation)
  • Navigate to specific products inside big stores ("Where do I find wall paint")
  • Remember and rediscover your parking lot (airports / stations)
  • Find your hotel room
Excerpt feature list
  • Dynamic navigation
  • Shortest path
  • Re-routing

I-Cane – improves mobility of blind and visually impaired people

Company's website:

The I-Cane is a white cane with two functions:

  1. Detect obstacles at height of head and warn by acoustic and tactile feedback
  2. Navigate pedestrian routes with the help of a smartphone. Commands like "go left", "go right" are translated into a tactile feedback, which you can feel with your thumb.
Sinux systems designed and set up the hardware interior, which consists of:

  • motor control for the tactile arrow feedback
  • sensor measurement and analysis for the obstacle avoidance detection
  • bluetooth chip integration for the communication with the iPhone app
  • micro controller selection and programming
Sinux systems developed a smartphone app for iPhone composed of:

  • A route recording engine to record routes during walking
  • A complete navigation engine design especially for the needs of visually impaired people, who have a very high demand for on-point instructions (deep GPS analysis with high accuracy results).
  • A Where-am-I function to help finding your current position translated into streetname + housenumber
The I-Cane makes use of an iPhone smartphone, which is already a very well equipped tool for visually impaired people with a lot of functionalities.

I-Cane video:

enwani – cloud address solution

Company's website:

enwani - "home delivery made easy". Store and share your physical address with a cloud service. Complete solution including smartphone app (iOS + android), web interface and database backend.

RosenRosen – Shopping cart system for online flower delivery

Company's website:

Sinux developed a shopping cart system for RosenRosen (Online flower delivery). Challenges were to handle the complex storage situation and to offer a perfect user-experienced checkout process